Wednesday, June 14, 2006

best dressed baby

Erin H and I had a good morning at the outlet mall, buying out Hanna Andersson, Children's Place and Stride Rite. Why pay $40 for a pair of CUTE SHOES when you can pay $9? Mae has 4 new dresses for the summer and 4 more for next summer. Even Ted got a new pair of PJs. I love love love Hanna and always have, but her stuff for boys is a bit...precious. Once my boys were in 2T it seemed more appropriate to dress them like little boys, not babies. With girls, however, the prettier the dress, the better! And I love the baby combo of the short little dress with matching pantaloons. Too cute. None of the kiddos napped in the afternoon so we headed to the pool to cool off in the 100+ degree weather. (Ted was at Jack's house...I can't do 3 kids at the pool for a few more days...) Sam had a blast (he started jumping in backwards...hmmm) and Mae really enjoyed it...lots and lots of splashing. Henry is a maniac in the water and is so exuberant that you can't help but be happy along with him. We snarfed pizza for dinner and the younger 2 were down by 6:30. Paul got home with Ted about then and it took forever to get him down for the night, in spite of Sports Camp in the morning and swiming with Jack in the afternoon...perhaps the call from Aunt Nancy was just too exciting for him to handle. It was so great to talk to her and we can't wait to see her, and Ayi SuSu too! in about 2 weeks!!!

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5-4now said...

I am GREEN!!! You have a Hanna outlet!?!?! *pout!*