Tuesday, June 13, 2006

First tooth!

It's in! Mae's very first tooth popped in sometime last night. It's the lower left center one. The right is right behind and should be in tomorrow or the next day. I am excited for teeth...she is so eager for table foods, but even a tiny chunk of apple makes her choke. Hopefully with teeth she will be able to eat more of the food she prefers. Bye, bye, baby gummy smile!

Today was a royal day of Mom-chauffering. Sam got dropped off at 8:30 at the JCC, Ted at 9 at camp. We returned at 12 to get Ted and then had some lunch at the J while waiting for Sam. Got him at 12:45 and headed over to the pool for Ted's swim lesson. He did AWESOME and loved it. Everyone fell asleep in the car and didn't nap once we got home. Grrr. I have a Girls Night tonight (at the Med...yum!) so I am looking forward to 5pm! Still, another busy but fun summer day. Geesh, where is my camera when I need it?


Anonymous said...

What a happy summer's day! (if pretty rushed) And how nice that it could end with a leisurely, fun dinner with friends!

"These are the good old days!"
.. Mom

5-4now said...

Hope you enjoy dinner & your well deserved time out/off ;)