Monday, June 12, 2006

more milestones

I can't believe I've forgotten to blog about these 2 amazing milestones is Mae's life! She has started signing hi and bye when people come and go, especially if we are standing at the front door in the process. It is so cute. She also signs hi to her stuffed animals. Coincidentally, if she turns her hand a little, it means milk...she seems to have figured that out too, although that one is not 100%. All done and bath are pretty solid now. I love it! Talk about a quick study!

The other, slightly sad yet good, event is "no more chinese bottle." For the past 3 nights, she has refused her Chinese 6 scoops rice cereal/7 scoops formula bottle. I assumed because she always eats such a huge dinner she just wasn't hungry for it. Well, last night I asked Paul to fix an American bottle (she gets 3 6-8oz bottles a day of just Enfamil) and she gulped it down!!!! She actually prefers it! I can't believe it. That was less than a month of being home and already off her one comfort food (she has yet to get any congee, poor thing, but she does get a fake-steamed egg in the morning!). I brought home a lot of Chinese formula and have more than half of a big tub left...oh well! I also have rice cereal left over but I have been putting some in her baby veggies to thicken and she seems to like that. Rice and pureed prunes are actually a favorite dessert of hers...?! She is adapting so well..we are all so lucky!!

In boy news, Ted survived his first day at MiniHawks Sports Camp and really liked it. He preferred basketball to soccer today and ran out of water but was happy. We hit the pool this afternoon which was soooo refreshing. Thank goodness for Erin & Anna. Ted was doing the slide in the deep end, Sam was in the baby pool, and Mae was screaming because she decided she needed yet another nap. I'm not sure we would have lasted without their help. Paul arrived at 5 and dealt with the little ones while Ted and I got some fun in. I love the pool.

Tomorrow Sam starts his summer camp (just Tue/Thu) at his preschool. He is very excited, although he is more excited about getting cheetos in his lunch than being there, I think. He had a hard, emotional day today so I hope he's not getting sick. Everyone gets up at the #$%& crack of dawn around here so we are all in need of sleep. Speaking of, I should get some myself. I love summer!

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Anonymous said...

I can;t wait to see Mae sign!!! She will have to teach us some of the signs - I can only remember "more", which Ted and Sam used so much. A linguist in the making!

.. Mom