Saturday, June 10, 2006


This was our 2nd year of the Annual Touch-A-Truck at the local rec center. The boys were screamingly excited on the short walk there; it was so cute to feel their anticipation. Once there, Sam got easily overwhelmed with the infernal HONKING that every boy was relishing at the wheel (Ted was no exception...I think he deafened anyone within 100 feet of the school bus he was on). Ted enjoyed it and was quite good about dealing with the long lines for the more popular trucks (like the firetruck and backhoe). I think his favorite was the touring bus of some band...can't remember the name. I told him the Wiggles have a van just like it that they travel on and he just about keeled over with joy. "When will they get here?" he shouted. Oops. Luckily the bus had candy at the exit! The boys then took a short hike on a little arboretum trail while Mae & I enjoyed some watermelon. After naps, Mae had her first experience with a babysitter (Erin and her sister Anna) and did great!! I think being in her own home with her brothers helped make it AOK with her. We were so grateful to them for babysitting so we could celebrate Paul's birthday with our favorite dinner...oysters and martinis at Jax followed by sushi at Japango. Mmm mmm! Oh, and both of those places have Happy Hour til 6, so we really lucked out. More pics of the truck adventure on moeltini.

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Rock on with the babysitter action!!