Monday, July 17, 2006

miss screamy

Today was a nice day. We spent the morning at Louise's house-she has Charlie (Ted's age) and twins, Toby & Theo, age 2. After a nice playdate we had lunch at home and naps for the younger two. Mae had quite a screamy day today. Her 4th tooth is about halfway through the gum and it's really bugging her. She is also clearly trying out a new scream to express her frustration. It's much shriller and louder than the normal one. I'm glad she didn't use this one on me in China, because we'd be parenting her a whole lot differently if we thought she was really in such distress. Sam figured it out early: get the tears flowing right away for optimal parental concern. Mae hasn't learned that trick yet. Here is a pic of our well-seasoned traveler enjoying front-facing travel and a Baby Einstein video.

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Leslie said...

Glad you made it back to Colorado safely...was so fun to meet you guys during your visit! Oh - and it was so neat to see the picture of Phoebe and Mae..cute! Take care,
The Kullmans