Sunday, July 16, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Among the many car games we played, spotting 'plebibians' was the favorite. Paul made this up and cousins Henry and Max elaborated on it for the boys. Plebibians eat rubber tires and anything that looks like rubber (thus the Crox). If they are behind fences they are dangerous; if they are wrapped up they are domesticated and have jackets on. It was a great game. I think Ted was catching on at the end though.

We arrived home safely but Ted is really protesting going to bed. The sleeping issue was the toughest part of the trip. It was simplest to just put Mae to bed and let the boys go to sleep when we did. One of the boys often ended up in bed with us. It was just a hard thing. Mae went down easily but is waking up every hour or so freaking out (I'm sure she wonders where she is now since it keeps changing on her). Sam is doing well so far and Ted...let's hope he sleeps eventually. I really wish we had an extra bedroom. It is good to be home.


Anonymous said...

I love the 'plebibians'! I wonder if any of them live near you? I hope Ted gets back to sleeping well - are you going to try putting him down in your bed and then moving him into his own when you go to bed? Whatever you can set up now will probably be in effect for the next year or so. Are you glad to be home in your "little yellow house"? We miss you but are happy to know you are safely home. .. Mom

Rod said...

You let your kids get that close to a wild publivion????!!!!!?? Its obviously asleep, but what if they had awakened it???? Please tell me that picture was photo-shopped.

Cheerio .... rod