Wednesday, July 12, 2006


This was our 2nd time at the choochoo restaurant and it was a big hit again. This place is so cute. The food comes in old fashioned baskets atop a train car. The boys loved it when it whizzed past our table and ate up yummy diner food (grilled cheese & fries...forgot the chocolate shake this time and they didn't even ask for it.) Their veggie burgers ROCKED so Paul and I were psyched. Their behavior was great most of the day, deteriorating at the park tonight. Ugh. Ask me in a week if I think I am doing a good job raising them because today I'm shaking my head. Can't wait for naps and normal bedtimes again. It will be sad to leave tomorrow because I haven't had near my share of 'my mom & dad' time, yet I am desperate to be on the road home and back to a routine. Next year we are not going to make the trek but will make sure my parents get out to visit us. There is already another Moeller reunion being planned for 2008 , in a cabin on a lake somewhere, so we will hold down the fort in Colorado til then. Farewell, Illinois. I will be back in November for Rosa's wedding...SOLO for that one!


Anonymous said...

the 2008 reunion is a tenuous idea that may well not come to fruition. But won't it be fun to get together with Henry & Max?
Glad you are home & getting back to routine. -- Aunt Jayne

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the Choo Choo is still in business when you come back next time! Imagine how old the kids will be by then! I'm so glad they like it! .. Mom