Friday, July 21, 2006

on the move

Is it strange that my daughter can get from her tummy to a sitting position, crawl, pull to a standing position, cruise and even walk with support...but still cannot roll over? Hmm. When she is on her back she is stuck! Very interesting. We have a mere 2 weeks til her 1st birthday and we can ask the ped about it then. Today she got the crawling up to speed and also worked on her pulling up. Nothing like seeing the previously immobile baby hoisting herself up the steps-yikes! She also crawled from her bedroom to the bathroom, stood up at the tub and actually lifted her leg onto the top of the tub in her hurry to get her bath. All in the less than 10 seconds it took me to plop her in her room and go close the baby gate at the top of the stairs after Sam. Geesh!
This afternoon was really pleasant. We spent the morning at the Boulder Creek after a failed attempt to get everyone ready for a trip to our friend Lisa's lake. After naps, everyone played quietly and happily while I played with my new phone and prepared dinner...ahhhh. This phone was a 'gift' from my service provider...well, it'll be a gift after I send the rebate in, but close enough. It is so weird. It has the bluetooth thing but I saw a mom in Target pushing her cart with her 2 kids chatting away with this thing in her ear and truthfully, she looked self-important and silly to me. I mean, you're in a store with your 2 kids! Call 'em back later! Still, it would be really convienent in the car. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

All things considered, I'm glad that she wasn't crawling in DBQ. The steps at the Richards House would have been a major worry. I'm glad that she is self-mobile now though because it saves your back. - Aunt Jayne