Monday, November 6, 2006

FFFF - Hats!

This week at Double Happiness, the photo challenge is HATS. My mind instantly jumped to the pic I had of Ted, at about 2.5, rocking out to the Wiggles Cold Spaghetti Western movie, one of his favs at the time. And then I remembered Sam's favorite hat, the Little Emperor hat I brought him from China, that he calls his "Peter Pan" hat. And of course, Mae's beautiful winter coat with its matching hat...hooray! I also downloaded a trial version of Photo Fusion by LumaPix, at Donna's suggestion. I'm not sure I'll buy it, but it's very user-friendly. I'm sure if I took the time I'd learn how to nudge the pic of Ted over to the right a bit..still, it's cute.
Here are my children in HATS!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE how you did the picture for FFFF Challenge. I may have to download that program as well. I just do not want to pay for anything I might not use all the time.

The kiddos are so cute in their hats!