Sunday, December 31, 2006

Farewell, '06

7 is my favorite number, so next year should be a good one! In 1977 I was 4 years old-don't remember much of that. In 1987 I graduated from 8th grade. In 1997 I graduated from DePaul University with my MM. And now it's 2007. Without school to track the years, the milestones of my children mark them now. In 2007, Ted will start Kingergarten. Amazing. Sam will turn 4 and Mae will turn 2. TWO!! This won't be til 2008, but in January of 2008, a year from now, Mae will start preschool. PRESCHOOL! 2007 is, in effect, the last year I will have 'three little children.' Kindergarten isn't 'real school' yet in my book...especially since at Eldorado it's half day, 5 days a week. He will actually be in school less than he is now! (At Horizons it's 8-3, but that's another story.) I also expect to have Mae potty-trained this summer. So, 2007 will see my last baby turn into a big girl. It's funny. I had a blissful 4 months last year, from January through April, when both boys were in preschool 3 days a week. I went for a run, did my grocery shopping, had lunch with friends, etc. Both boys were potty trained, sleeping in big boy beds, and eating 100% real food (no more formula, no more breastfeeding, no more baby food.) It was bittersweet, made sweet only by the anticipation of one more baby in the house. I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to this lifestyle I've enjoyed for almost 5 years now. While being at home with the kids is oftentimes frustrating and boring, it is also filled with many, many, many priceless, sweet moments. Seeing Ted help Sam when he's frustrated, watching Sam bring Mae a toy when she's screaming during a diaper change, nodding approvingly when Mae pets the dog and says "Sost." Those moments are worth the many other, not-so-sweet moments. I will enjoy this last year of 'little child parenting' before I return, albeit part-time, to teaching when Mae joins Sam at preschool. One last year. Maybe we'll stay in our jammies all day on a lazy Tuesday. Maybe on a beautiful Colorado day, we'll skip grocery shopping and go to the park instead. And get an ice cream cone, just because. I'm not one for resolutions. I tend to decide to do something and just do it, when the event arises. But I do resolve to enjoy this year with my precious children and husband. And walk the dog more! (Ole just kicked me, while snoozing on the couch next to me...I think it was a hint.)
Happy New Year, from my family to yours.

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Beth and Shayna said...

Happy New Year M family. From our house to yours, with love. Thank you so much for your friendship and support in 2006. I do not know how I could have done it without you.