Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Couch

Another fun-filled afternoon and evening with half of TG 950. After hours of fun and play, we had to take the girls' picture on 'a couch.' The first set of pics has Mae in complete meltdown mode. We got her a toy and then Angelina started up! Click for a larger view of each gorgeous girl, in spite of the tears. From Left to Right are: Addie, Mae, Angelina, Zoe, Kate and Caitlan. We had such a wonderful weekend and cannot WAIT for May to see the other girls too. Lots more pics from today and yesterday on moeltini.

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epin said...

What a great couch photo of the girls! Like you, I love my travel group and only wish that Hana's "sisters" lived closer. We're lucky to form extended families through our common experiences.