Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mini Reunion

What a blast!!! On Friday after naps, the boys and I drove down to Castle Rock to Colleen's. Seeing Don & Joanie with Addie was the highlight, as I hadn't seen them since LA! Today at our house, watching all the girls play and chatting with all the parents, was so much fun. The girls in attendance were: Mae, Caitlan, Angelina, Zoe, Kate & Addie. They are all so funny...every single one of them with a personality OFF the charts. I think the funniest moment had to be when Zoe and Addie both wanted the same toy plate and NEITHER of them would let go...Addie eventually was declared the winner because she fell over and Zoe let go when she fell on top of her. They are so funny. Tomorrow we go to Todd & Angela's. It is just such a treat to be with some of our group. All of us have said we cannot WAIT for May, when the whole group will be together. We're so lucky to have such truly wonderful people in our group. An annual reunion will be easy to stick to, because we all like each other! Fun fun fun.

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Beth and Shayna said...

What a fun weekend. I have to admit I am jealous as my travel group does not stay in touch. Oh well. I will live through you for now. Enjoy the snow.