Sunday, January 7, 2007

Culinary LunchBox BLISS

I bought all three kids Laptop Lunches last school year, in an effort to reduce waste and teach them about recycling. Plus I was sick of losing tops from Tupperware sets and have never been into baggies. The kids LOVED them as did their friends and teachers. This year the preschool is trying to be as waste-free as possible and I did a little table with the Laptop Lunches and Wrap-N-Mats the first few days of school. Quite a few parents are on board. Hooray!
One of the benefits of these lunch boxes is how easy it is to just toss leftovers in their lunches while preparing dinner. I had gotten in a rut, however, and was OVERJOYED to stumble upon this FANTASTIC website this morning. I got a giggle that she uses the same lunchboxes and am THRILLED with her lunch ideas. I'm going to try them. Ted only likes 'kid food' but Sam, I think, will love 'real food' in his lunch. Thank you thank you, Vegan Lunch Box Lady!!!!!

Here's the rut I was talking about:

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epin said...

What great ideas! I love the bento lunch box, perfect for Hana when she starts preschool in the fall. Also, the vegan recipes sound great. We were originally going to raise Hana as a vegetarian, but got lazy . . . though it turns out that she is a vegetarian after all (she hates meat but loves tofu). Thanks!