Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Kindergarten RoundUp

Too cute. That is my summary of the night. Eldorado K-8 is a large school, over 1000 students. There are 4 kindergarten classes, 2 ams and 2 pms, of about 20 kids each. 80 kindergartners! The kindergarten rooms are so cute I can hardly stand it. They have their own entrance, own playground, and 2 VERY LARGE classrooms joined by a small hallway with 2 short sinks across from 2 bathrooms with TINY little toilets. Way too cute. The K-care option allows for a full day and it's very enriching, with science and reading and art, not just playing. Walking down the hall to the classrooms from the gym (they call it a cafetorium...is that a real word? Cafeteria and Auditorium in one...) the halls SMELLED like elementary school. I'm not sure what the scent really was...the smell of the pencil eraser? It was such a vivid sense memory! I am still hoping for Horizons, but as I expected, Eldorado is a lovely school and the teachers (one of whom is leaving next year so we only really met one) seem very sweet and dedicated. So, he'll be fine either place...and that's reassuring! It was also fun to know so many people in the room simply because we run into each other (and have for the last 5 years!) at the park, at Safeway, at the gym, walking the dog...the sense of community is nice. We shall see!

Oh, and the sushi was excellent. I tried pressed sushi (with unagi-eel) for the first time and I think it's going to become a potluck favorite. Yum.

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