Monday, February 26, 2007

he's nuts!

I quote: "The skeleton can see higher with his head up high like that." Umm...yes, I'm sure he can. Nutball!!!

Paul had the flu which made for a rough Sunday afternoon/evening and Monday morning. I managed to do all the things Paul always does (kitty litter, dishes, recycleables & garbage-because pickup is on Mondays) plus make the kids' lunches, get them all to bed and then get them all dressed, fed and to school this morning. Paul does a lot around here. Sometimes I need him to be absent for me to realize it! He slept most of today and is on the mend. Whew. Let's just hope none of us get it!

Tomorrow is Ted's first OT appointment. Should be interesting. His 5th birthday is next Monday. Whoa, Daddy!

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Anonymous said...

Hope Paul is feeling much better. I had it too, not fun. Too funny with Ted. Alex thinks it's hilarious - a boy thing maybe? - Tracey