Monday, March 12, 2007

ah, summer

I have about 2-3 memories of my childhood summers. One was the 2 weeks spent at my grandmother's. I loved these two weeks, even though I had to take a bath every single night! Oh the horror. Two doors down from my grandmother lived a girl my age and we spent almost every second together. Back then, two little girls could play all day long outside in the neighborhood. Bliss. Another memory is the pool. The Elks pool (bless my poor dad's heart for joining the Elk's Club just so I could swim!) I loved the pool, although I was (am!) a terrible swimmer. I went almost every day when I was little (with the huge family and their extended relations that babysat for me) and often after that when my mom stayed home with me. The only other memory I really have cemented is watching E.R. on TV while my mom tutored. Lazy days. And relaxing, if a bit dull. Last summer, I felt like Ted's summer activities were a little too scattered. I wanted him to have lots of fun, change it up a bit, etc. but I think all the change freaked him out. This summer he will do Sessions 1 & 4 at the JCC, 3 sessions at Sunflower Farm, and one week through CU Science Discovery. This last one sounds so cool.

Wild in the Woods!
Come join us at Chautauqua Park as we run through the forest, soak our feet in the stream, and play among the trees. Through a variety of games and art activities we’ll learn about the birds, wildflowers, insects, mammals, grasses and trees around the spectacular Flatiron Mountains.

Please note: Students need sturdy walking shoes, wading shoes, hat, daypack, waterproof windbreaker, a filled water bottle, a non-peanut snack each day, as well as sunscreen and repellent pre-applied.

The first two weeks of July he'll be in Iowa with his dad and Sam, hopefully meeting up with 'his favorite cousins' Max & Henry. Should be a fun summer. I hope to visit my folks and some friends in Chicago for a week this summer. We are trying to decide if I should go at the same time they are gone or a different time so that we don't need animal care.

It was 74 today-absolute heaven! Poor Erin (Henry's mom) got rear-ended, so the kids and I relieved her babysitter and stayed with Henry til she got home. Poor kiddo-he was not happy to be woken up from his nap. He got over it, thanks to a snack of cereal, pear and apple. What a cutie. My three were perfectly happy there, as usual, so it was a great afternoon.

Mae has been keeping dry as long as she is in a cloth diaper, so tonight (after the bazillionth time she took her diaper off) I put her in undies and let her loose. She sat on the potty about 20 times (producing nothing but having a blast) and everything was great til Paul stepped in a suspicious puddle on the floor. Oh well! I'm ready for summer for that too. Enough diapers already! Although I have to say that the cloth has served us well. I bought about $100-$150 worth of diapers in 2002 and I'm still using them now. Sure, I use disposables too (more so than I did with the boys) but nothing compared to what it would have been full-time. Now that Mae is getting close, I will do what I did with Sam and have her in cloth as much as possible. That seemed to help him out. I wonder what she will think when all 3 of the boys are gone for so long?!

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