Tuesday, March 13, 2007

thank you

Here is the thank you card Wendy made for Ted. She had him write "thank you" and his name in black marker, scan it, and send it to her. Then she made this adorable card. It is already in cubbies at preschool for his friends, along with a picture of that child at the party, if she got a picture. I think there were 2 that slipped by without one. Isn't that cute?! And since I am so bad at thank you's, the cuteness factor helped me get to them right away. Thank you, Wendy!!

Today was a hard day. Ted's OT was rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:15, so I thought we'd have a leisurely morning, but no. It took everything in my power to drag myself out of bed at 9am today! What the heck?! I have been having terrible headaches and dosed myself up on iron and Excedrin. Ted was the model today for the acupressure college's class on asthma. He was so good and cooperative. Sam was a royal pain. So I told him we couldn't go to Jamba Juice because he didn't behave and he flipped out for about an hour after that. I dropped Ted off at Jack's to play before soccer and took the screamers home for nap. They both ate an entire Morningstar Corndog and a pound of so of grapes, plus 8+ ounces of soymilk, so I'm guessing part of their behavior was hunger-induced. Oops.

I got a wonderful long walk in tonight with Ole. I think I've been a little down lately because I miss my 'me time' that I (oh so quickly!) became used to last year when Sam started preschool. I had 3 mornings a week, from 9-1, to myself. I ran with Ole, ran errands alone, and generally had time for ME. I miss it. Although I would never change a thing, I am looking forward to next January when Mae will start preschool and I can have that time back. I realized on the walk that now I can have time to myself in the evenings again, now that it is staying light longer. I used to run at night when Paul got home and I can again. I was really excited about that, and with the understanding that it's all good from here: it's almost Spring, then Summer, then Fall, all seasons where I can get out at night. And when it gets dark again, in the Winter, it will be time for Mae to start school, so I can have some daytime. This was very uplifting. Ahhh...


Beth and Shayna said...

Me time is so important, and I miss my me time so much. Someday I will have it again, when Shayna goes to college, but it will be there.

I just love this weather we are having and being lighter later helps so much. Enjoy your run/walk.

epin said...

Adorable card! And, I agree about the lack of "me" time. My mom is here for the next 2 weeks, then the summer, and finally preschool for Hana in the fall! I am looking forward to the extra time and am already worried about the 2nd kid (and the lack of me time again).