Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sam's Child Find Eval

Today after school Sam had his evaluation with Child Find. I am hoping that they will deem his food issues serious enough to provide services (so we don't have to pay out of pocket for both boys!) He did a great job (It is really fun to sit back and watch how your child thinks) and was very cooperative (earning him a trip to Jamba Juice!) They decided to do the next step, which is a 2nd, more detailed, evaluation as well as a school visit (to coincide with lunchtime). It sounds like the key to getting services is evidence that the child's problem is interfering with learning. Not sure we'll be able to get this past, but we might as well try, right? In the meantime, he has his first official OT appointment tomorrow. I'm curious to see how it differs from Ted's. Otherwise, a busy but good day.

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Trixie said...

My goddaughter has red drums too! Good luck with the OT. So many people consider taste deficiencies down to being picky eaters but that isn't the real story. I just attended a class on this subject recently. It was very informative and a real eye opener! Best of luck and we will be thinking of you.