Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sam's OT visit

Well, I like Mapleton better. Sam met with a woman in her early 60's, I'd say, for OT today. She was...distant and rather boring. She'd tell him what to do in a flat voice and then turn away to get something ready. There wasn't any fun in her voice. I will say though, that Sam didn't seem to notice. He had a blast. They did some of the same things Ted does in his OT, but more focus on 'mouth games.' We're going to go back next week for another session, this time with some food, and we'll see how that goes. I'm not impressed. He also ate 2 waffles this morning, so he may be coming out of it on his own anyway.
Oh, and I've had quite a few emails (from my own mother, no less!) informing me that I haven't explained Sam's condition and what is up? Sorry about that. Sam has always been a picky eater, but in the last year he has started having a severe gagging problem. He has to take TEENY TINY bites and has started refusing most foods if he's gagged on them in the past. He lost weight and our pediatrician put him on Pediasure and recommended an evaluation by a feeding therapist, all of which we did, and here we are. Truth be told, he is better now than he's been in months, but he still eats hardly anything. He would be content to drink all his meals, so thank goodness for Pediasure and Jamba Juice! Although, just yesterday he ate an entire corndog. So it is getting better.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ellen, that explains much! Sorry I had no idea. Glad to hear he seems to be coming out of it on his own though - that therapist sounds like a real yawn! Still if he's not bothered... - Tracey