Monday, March 19, 2007

April 7!

The Boulder Farmer's Market opens on Saturday, April 7. I can hardly wait. This means that we'll be able to start collecting our share from our co-op as well as other yummies that are LOCAL and FRESH. Woo hoo....I am ready for Spring. Ted and I chose some different varieties of tomato seeds and are ready to plant them in egg cartons over Spring Break. The last 2 years have been really hard on tomatoes here in Colorado, because it's been so terribly hot and dry. Hopefully all the moisture this winter will make for a wetter Spring and Summer. I remember the summers of '99 and '00 when we had tomatoes coming out of our ears. It was nuts! This year I hope to do some jarring (of some sort-not sure what I really mean) so we can have fresh tomato soup for next winter. Mmm. We also got a packet of strawberry seeds. We planted strawberries in a big planter one year and got a small harvest. Again, hoping it was due to the rain. We all love berries so much that it would be wonderful to have them just outside the door. I am really looking forward to berry season at the markets this summer. I've really missed them this long winter, although thanks to Paul's dad I am in the habit of adding frozen blueberries to my oatmeal in the morning. Not quite the same though... Ted also really wanted broccoli, baby and regular carrots and spinach (?!) so we got a small packet of those too, so we'll see how well our little garden will hold up next winter!

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