Thursday, March 1, 2007

wimpy mama

Tonight was an unusual night, bedtime routine-wise. We got home from Ted's swim class at 5:30 and began a game of hide and seek. Mae melted down soon thereafter and I put her in the bath, leading to H&S upstairs. Suddenly it was 7 and time for bed. Both boys melted into puddles, sobbing that they were hungry. Paul and I were divided; he felt that they were stalling on purpose and I felt badly that I hadn't taken the time to give them a proper dinner (although the boys had a decent meal around 4:30 in the car.) So when I went in to try and calm Ted down, he begged me for an apple. How can I say no to an apple? A chocolate chip cookie would be easy, but an apple? I gave in. Paul shook his head at me in dismay but I resolve to always prepare a meal for them BEFORE going upstairs to play from now on. Live and learn, right? (I also brought Sam a piece of bread, which he happily wolfed down. I am such a wimp.)


Anonymous said...

We do this at our house quite often. Don't feel bad. I honestly believe they are hungry, and hate the thought of them 'going to bed hungry'. Though here it's usually requesting pb&j's :) - Trace

Anonymous said...

I struggle with this too. We eat dinner at 7:30 ish. H will eat a marginal amount at dinner, go off and play THEN want food once we announce bedtime and he is 12!!! It is a struggle. Always say yes to apples!! ; )
Ayi Susu