Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wolf Families

The theme this week at preschool is Family. Click on the pic for a larger view. He and Paul have been talking alot about this summer and seeing his cousins Henry & Max and Uncle Rod, so it was cute that they made an appearance. He seems to have some confusion about the cats' names, with Orestes just being named "Mean Cat" and Electra taking on Orestes' name. You can tell they are going by pronounciation (I love Oolie). I asked him why he had drawn everyone that way (he knows how to draw a person) and he said "I was making us the Bionicle family." Aha. There you go. Ted's likeness is clearly taken from the squid Bionicle characters...but who am I? Hmmm.

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juusan said...

Hi Ellen :)

I saw your comment to me at the veganyumyum blog, about using spelt flout for the mini donuts. Have you tried that recipe with spelt? It worked well?

And I was under the impression that spelt has wheat gluten is in. Is that not true?

Thanks :) If you want to reply, my email address is listed in my profile.