Wednesday, April 4, 2007

blogger blahs

A friend commented that I haven't blogged much lately. I think I'm having blogger's block. Or, nothing is happening that is worth commenting on. That might be it. Today was yet another day off, thanks to Passover. We spent the day up in the mountains with Ted's friend Jacob. Then we rode bikes with friends after nap. Paul had an early soccer game and apparently a night out afterwards. I tried to fix the knishes and the potatoes wouldn't cook by baking, so I gave up and put them in the fridge for tomorrow to be boiled. My house smells deliciously of carmelized onions. Realizing the knish part was not kosher for Passover, we are just going to eat the fillings-i.e. 3 version of mashed potatoes. I had the sweet potato one for dinner and it was too heavy on the nutmeg for me. But still good. Tomorrow after boiling the heck out of the regular potatoes, we'll have a plain batch with carmelized onions and another with spinach. Mmm. Here's an annoying thing. I have a cooler out front for our produce since I am seldom home at 10am when they deliver and everything keeps cool in the cooler. Today the box was on top of the cooler. When I opened the cooler, there was a milk, an OJ and a carton of eggs from our old milk delivery service. Delivery day for our neighborhood is Friday, so that's been sitting there since Friday. I haven't had eggs or milk in over a month so I didn't even want them, if they had been fresh. I was so annoyed. I called of course and they say they'll fix it...blah blah. Luckily the produce this week was hardy so no harm done. Except for the strawberries, of which one of the two cartons is already GONE GONE GONE by my excited trio of hungry hippos. They were from San Diego, Mom, so not local yet. Still, for them to be included at all means they are in season somewhere. I have to admit, as much as I love oranges and grapefruit, it was a refreshing change to not see a ton of them this time. Our co-op should start a week from tomorrow and I can hardly wait! They aren't so great with the customer service so I still don't know what is going on, but I'm sure I can contact someone.

Well, there's some info anyway. We are all just hanging in and enjoying the weather and each other. I'm also suffering from the holiday blues. Everyone gets the blues sometimes and holidays seem to spark them for me. I wish my parents lived closer, or were rich as skunks and could fly their private jet in to Jeffco Airport (3 miles away) anytime they wanted. I also sometimes wish I had siblings to share holidays with. When friends become your family, the security just isn't there. I've learned a good lesson though. From now on, I am going to host the holidays that mean a lot to me. It's like the suggestion to retired folks who complain that their children never visit; the suggestion is to volunteer, keep busy, i.e. take charge! That's what I'll do from now on, so I can make our holidays what I want them to be. And maybe I'll find a way to fly my parents out for some of them too.


Wendy said...

Now this blog is more like it!

I'm sorry you have the holiday blues, I had no idea :( And did you know that it's now the Rocky Mountain Region Airport. As of when, I'm not sure, but that's what all the signs say now.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Ellen! Also sorry to hear about the holiday blues, but not really living near family we've also spend many holidays with just us. Just makes it that more special when we are all together. Yay for the berries thought - can't wait for our local supply! - T

Beth and Shayna said...

I am so glad you blogged Ellen. I was waiting for some pictures from Passover. I know it can be hard to be away from family during the holidays. But, if it is any consulation, I fought with my most of my siblings during the holiday. The grass is not always greener. Anyway, wishing you a wonderful holiday and stay warm the next few days.