Thursday, April 5, 2007

16" problem!

Big news today. I responded to an ad on Craig's List for a $10 used 16" bike for Ted. I met the guy today and we looked at it. It was pretty beat up, but seemed more or less intact, especially for $10. I bought it and took it into University Bikes (where we bought his first bike and where we'll get his 20" when he's ready, so they know us there) and they 'tuned' it up for us. In reality, they replaced the bent seat (saddle, in bike lingo), completely removed and re-oiled the chain and filled both tires with air. Then the guy 'gave it a ride' outside to make sure it was safe. The price? Nada! I LOVE these guys. They also cleaned up Sam's "new" bike, put the training wheels back on, lowered the seat, etc. I think Sam was over the moon with excitement. We had a Passover "for the Oldsters" event at 4 and it took every ounce of bribery I had in me to get Sam off his bike and into the car. Whew! Afterwards they rode a bit at home but it was really cold so no one lasted too long. Ted had about .2 seconds of hesitation before taking off on the new height (I actually think it's a bit easier for him...he seems to ride with more 'lean' and less moving of the handlebars) and Sam, while tentative, is so proud of himself. I think he's doing great. Ted stayed on a trike til 4 and then took about 6 months to master stopping (pedaling backwards) and really getting comfortable. So Sam is doing just fine. He's so happy. Mae was also psyched to actually be allowed to sit on the trike! Her feet JUST touch, so maybe by this summer she'll be able to pedal.
We spent the morning at a bounce house that a friend told me was always empty. It was in Longmont and apparently their school district is still on Spring Break, because there were TONS of kids, many of them big, there. So I was not impressed but the kids had fun, with their friends Alex, Adam and Ariel. Tomorrow they have preschool but no bread allowed, so matzo soybutter & jelly it is. They won't be pleased!
More pics on moeltini.

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