Saturday, April 7, 2007

Chag Sameach!

This afternoon was our chavurah, Pesach-style. We read a kid-friendly book, one of the 'candidates' (for an asst rabbi) told the kids a great story complete with a trip into the sanctuary and some REALLY CUTE Q&A. Ted even raised his hand, waited his turn, and carefully explained to the rabbi that he has a Bionicle named Matoro, which sounds a lot like "Torah." Heh. He also found the afikomen and got a dollar for his prize. He decided to give it to the temple's tzedakkah box. What a cool kid! Sam ran around like a maniac eating macaroons and Mae hung out with Randi, her own personal babysitter at chavurah events. It was a lovely way to celebrate. Chag sameach, everyone.
More pics on moeltini.


Beth and Shayna said...

Ted is so sweet to give his afikoman money to a great cause. What a sweetie. It sounds like you all had a great time. Mae looks so cute in her new bob.

Trixie said...

We hid our afikomen (this year it was a dog treat broken into smaller bits) around the house and told the dog to "find" it. Mama Dog may be small but she loves this game. She is really good a tracking down the scent and signals the find. Then she eats it. So until we have a baby *sigh* this will be our celebration!