Thursday, April 12, 2007

no way

Yes, way. We finally received Mae's CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP in the mail from USCIS. This was to be the very last shred of paper she needed. Well. No such luck. This is a beautiful document with the CUTEST picture on it (I had forgotten those cute pics we did so quickly at Costco the same week she came home.) This gorgeous piece of parchment paper listed her name as Huai Xiang Mae Moeller. No, no no, people. Her legal name is Mae HuaiXiang Moeller. What is WRONG with government agencies?!? Oh well. Tomorrow I'll mail it back to USCIS in Denver, attention to a certain person that CCAI notified of the problem (did I mention that I LOVE my agency? I had an answer and a solution to the problem within 24 hours). When (if?) I get the certificate, we are going to FRAME it. Geesh.

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