Friday, April 13, 2007

Shabbat Shalom!

Every Friday the preschoolers have Shabbat Sing. Caroline, Ted's Pre-K teacher, leads it and tells a great story. Leah, Mae's PALs teacher, plays guitar. There are LOTS of songs, a story, blessings, candle lighting & challah. It's a lovely ending to the week for the kids, although it is a bit chaotic. This week Ted was REALLY into it, sticking with Caroline like glue and singing all the songs with gusto. Too cute.

Mae had a scary experience today. We were at PALs and she suddenly threw herself on the floor, a la tantrum. But she had been fine, so it didn't make sense. I picked her up to hold her and another mom suggested she might be hungry. She offered her crackers that were inside a baggie. Mae reached out and her hands were shaking so badly she couldn't even take one. We got her one for each hand and I sprinted to the kitchen for a sippy cup of juice. She drank it like a bottle, lying flat in my arms. As soon as she drank it, and munched up the crackers, she got up and went about her business, right as rain! Guess I'll bring her a sippy of juice and some crackeres in the diaper bag from now on.

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