Tuesday, April 17, 2007

oh my

On the advice of Ted's OT, we will be investigating Tae Kwon Do or Karate classes for him. She thinks he would benefit from the discipline style the Martial Arts uses (he doesn't respond well to the 'sports' discipline he receives at soccer). The star system (respect, doing chores, homework etc.) is how a student earns stripes on the belt (I think this is just Tae Kwon Do, not Karate) so it becomes much more than just a sport. We will check out the local schools, costs and programs and see. I think we will be phasing out OT in the next few weeks. He has done beautifully and I think we can take it from here, now that we know what to do. And we can always come in for a 'tune-up' if things get sticky in Kindergarten. Oy.

Tomorrow I'm volunteering at the preschool for a Health Fair. Mae gets to be an honorary Caterpillar all day! She will be so psyched-she absolutely LOVES playing in Sam's class. He has snack tomorrow too, so that will be extra special. I have her little lunch all packed and her backpack ready with diapers and wipes (I think they will come get me when she needs a change.) Too cute. And Sam has his first ChildFind OT tomorrow at 1:30. Hope it goes well-that's a tough time since he still naps but oh-so-convienent so we'll try it!

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