Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back to Bullets

After a tragedy, commenting on small joys seems somehow wrong. Still, I want to remember these little thing. Thus, back to bullets for the random things I want to say that have no real importance in the world.

* Winnie the Pooh bridge at the library. I've searched google endlessly since Monday afternoon trying to find an image of this sculpture and it does not exist. So, next time we go I'll snap a pic of my own. It's so cute, if not kept up. There is a small "bridge" with Pooh and Christopher Robin peering over the top of the bars, playing Poohsticks I'd guess. Behind them, Tigger, Rabbit, Kanga and Baby Roo are bouncing around the water. Piglet seems to be MIA...hmm. It's really sweet and the kids love to play there. They aren't huge Pooh fans like their mother, but they like the idea...water, bridges, sculptures of children their size...very fun place to play. I wonder if I can find someone 'garden-y' to give me pointers on cleaning it up. I'd do it for free-just for fun. It's just too cute to let get much more overgrown than it is.
* Mae at Caterpillars: Today I volunteered at the 9Health Fair and Mae was an honorary Caterpillar. They say she did GREAT and had a good time. She ate her lunch, sat for storytime, had music with Renee, played outside, the WORKS! She only cried once-when they had to take her out of the room (during music) to change her diaper. Apparently she cried "Sammy! Sammy!" the whole time she was being changed. Awwww. I think I'm going to be in trouble when she doesn't get to stay in his classroom on Friday! Yikes!!
* Sam at ChildFind OT: Sam's first session was quite fun. The other little girl, Zoe, is once month older than Sam and is obviously more behind in gross motor, what what a cute little girl! The two of them hit it off instantly and were little partners in crime the whole hour. She basically copied everything he did. Apparently she has serious sensory issues and we (the OT and myself) were worried that Sam's 'enthusiasm' (ahem) would overwhelm her, but she was fine! What a great pair. The OT about fell over when he hopped on the trike and took off. "That is REALLY age appropriate!" she said in astonishment. Hee.
* Too lazy for elaborate dinners: I still have 2 pounds of potatoes, a pound of tomatoes and a "bunch" of kale left over from last week's box. I was supposed to fix 2 lovely meals and I just didn't. I think that kind of cooking only interests me when it's gloomy and cold out. It's just too gorgeous! So, my plan is to chop up the potatoes and freeze them, same with the tomatoes, for when I get the itch for one of those wintery meals.
* Magic loaf russian style: I wanted a satifying protein to pair with the fresh-picked spinach that came today, so I went back to Jennifer's Magic Loaf studio and put in the ingredients that were similar to the delicious Beet, Barley & Black Soybean Soup from days past. I had whizzed up the leftover pumpernickel bread into bread crumbs and tossed them in the freezer, so I made sure to use those in the loaf too. The result was very much like the soup, without the beets, because I got too lazy and just steamed the spinach instead. Tomorrow I'm going to try the Orange Glazed Beets again and just cook them longer this time and serve them with more fresh spinach and more of the delicious "Russian Loaf al Isa." Yum.
* And last but not least, I've decided to fly to Chicago with Mae while Paul and the boys roadtrip to Iowa. I'll be gone from Monday July 2-Monday July 9. Since Paul will also be gone, I am in desperate need to a pet sitter, hopefully to stay in my home for the week. Or perhaps someone to take Ole and check in on the cats every day or so. If any of you know of a student or responsible teenager, let me know!! I'm going to ask a few of the teens I know in the neighborhood, but I'm open to suggestion! Poor Ole. He usually comes with us.

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