Thursday, April 19, 2007

thursday fun

If you want to know the fun Ted had today, check out Wendy's blog. Pic shamelessly lifted from her blog because she is such a ROCKING photographer and I NEVER get such great pics of my kids. Plus I had a marg for dinner and am feeling less than moral. Heh. Did I mention that Ted would prefer to live at Alex's? Oh well. Maybe I can bribe him with a Star Wars movie of his own. At swimming today, he did all the strokes and Judy is going to put him in strokes this summer with his swim buddy Zach. He is really taking off on the swimming. He was REALLY psyched today. Mae was less thrilled with her class this morning and screamed "Towel!!!" the entire half hour. *sigh* Sam had OT at Avista and had so much fun, so we are going to do the 2 more sessions covered by insurance just because. He ate an entire grilled cheese sandwich, CANTELOPE!!!! and HONEYDEW!!!!! and milk. Unheard of a few weeks ago. After Ted's rocking swim class we swung by Paul's boss' house and Ted had a glorious half hour of Playmobile fun with Aidin, the boss' 4th grade son. Ted loves Aidin and Aidin's toys. Then I conned Paul into Wahoo's and the boys rode bikes for a little while before getting cold and coming in for bed. Busy day but fun and stress-free. I LIKE stress-free!!

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Wendy said...

I'm jealous of your marg, I only had a beer. When you called, Jeremy wasn't home so I couldn't have had one anyway.

Ted is welcome to live here, as long as you take one of mine. Whichever is fine. I'd even throw Ariel in the mix for taking. Speaking of Star Wars, Alex was very sad Jeremy didn't come home before he went to bed, he had a lot to say about the movie. I have a feeling we are all going to be hearing a lot about the movie for a while.

Yay for Sam. Adam has never touched melon either.