Monday, May 28, 2007

Bolder Boulder

Paul ran the 10K today. He was disappointed with his time (around 45min), but since I've never broken an hour, I was impressed. Let's just say it took us longer to get to the finish then it took him! We had popsicles & chips in the shade before the arduous trek back to the car (WOW, we have wimpy kids!) We had to wake them at 6:30 and toss them in the car, so I put a PullUp on Mae just to be safe. When I took her to a Port-A-Potty around 9, she was dry and did her business like a big kid. I should trust her more! Post-race, we all had early naps and are getting ready for a neighborhood farewell party for a super sweet family on our block. We are bummed that they are leaving...they are so nice.

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