Thursday, May 17, 2007

a day at home

Today was a refreshing day. There was lots of crying, lots of fighting and lots and LOTS of peeing in places other than the potty (thank you, Mae) but it was the first time in a LONG time that we did NOTHING. We just hung out all day (I did do 5 loads of laundry...including getting all the diapers put into a bag to sell on Ebay...sniff!) And, no one was sick. This is a key point. Ted played independently all day long. Sam whinged most of the day and Mae played with Henry for a while and bothered Sam for a while. Tonight our social worker came for our 1 year meeting and thought we seemed like a pretty normal family.

Ted did SO SO SO well in TaeKwonDo (lots of Yes Ma'am!) but he goofed off the last 5 minutes and didn't get a star for the day. He was bummed. But I am encouraged...he's been doing so well lately. I'll have to get a video of the self-defense move they do. Here's the text: Shark in the water! Fin pops up! Clap! Push! Get away from me! No one will mess with these kids, I tell you! Paul sewed his Victory Patch (with the 3 stars he has) on his uniform last night, so he is starting to look more official. Having a new kid in the class has really helped him act like he knows what's going on too. Today while doing kicks he actually counted them off the way they are supposed to count off everything: "One, Ma'am! Two, Ma'am!" I was grinning from ear to ear. And he likes it! Too fun. He chose this outfit today because he 'wanted to look handsome.' Cutie.

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