Friday, May 18, 2007

biking to dinner

I REALLY need to remember my camera. Tonight we had an unforgettable adventure, one that I'm sure we'll repeat quite often this summer. The plan was to meet our neighbors at Wahoo's for dinner. Their son Oliver, age 4.5, recently got off training wheels and he and Ted are biking buddies around the neighborhood. Oliver's little sister, Elise, is Mae's age. I got the boys set with their camelbacks and Mae in the baby seat....and Sam burst into tears at how steep the driveway was. Oy. I quickly realized he wouldn't make it the 3 miles to Wahoo's, mostly downhill. So I worked out a deal with Melissa-she took Mae and Elise in her car and I biked with Sam in the baby seat and Oliver & Ted ahead of me. They did GREAT, although they crashed twice when both tried to get in the lead. Healthy competition, right? We had a nice meal at Wahoo's and the boys were bursting to bike home, so Jeff & I took off with the 3 boys. The way home was mostly uphill, which I think was harder on me than the boys-they didn't complain at all, just kept on trecking. They came over for ice cream and some playtime and then everyone went home/took baths/collapsed into bed around 8:30. TOO FUN. I LOVE that Ted and I can bike over to that area so easily. There is a great trail that leads to that area and I am sure we'll be doing that from now on. Biking to the mall is actually even closer, so I can see that being a fun dinner option too. I think they do Thursday night bands too, so we may do that as a weekly thing too. It's really fun for Ted (& Sam, in his own way) to love biking. Makes getting around the neighborhood a lot more fun.
Tomorrow is the CF Walk. I'll remember my camera tomorrow!!

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