Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend Adventures

Saturday was the CF Walk. I raised $818 total, about $300 of it from the Chance Raffle at preschool (which I ended up winning-is that funny or what? I told Stacy not to put my name in but she did and of course I won! Hee. Anyway, Mark added $200 to my $818 so I was over $1000 which means I get a free MP3 player! With all the walking I'm doing, it will be really fun to listen to music and books as the miles get longer. That night Paul and I went bowling with some friends. Paul bowled a Turkey at one point (3 strikes!). After bowling was dinner but I had a crashing headache so we bailed and went to Borders instead. I got to bed at 8:45 and took a Tylenol PM and felt much better in the morning!

Sunday was our 8 mile walk, which we accomplished by walking from Wendy's house up the Royal Arch trail (a killer) and back. Oy. It was Mitzvah Day and the rest of the family was busily working at the JCC, cleaning it up, cutting down branches and the like. Now we are off to our friend's for dinner. Phew! What a weekend!!! You can read all about Saturday's adventures HERE and Sunday's HERE.

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Trixie said...

When will I ever have the time for some serious walking???

I use to be a crazy-mad walker and was for so many many years. Then this job consumed me. When we thought our referral was only months away, I quit/accepted a layoff and started walking again. It felt terrific and I was starting to really get back into my old shape. Then husband freaked when we learned it would be years until the baby came. So now I am back at work.

No time to walk. At least not the kind of long distance walking we are talking about. Weekends are all about being with hubby, friends and doing stuff around the house. No time for walking even as a couple. Not when a yard needs to be mowed, there's an adoption gathering and we have shop for X and Y and Z.


Keep walking and hiking and telling us all about it!