Monday, May 7, 2007

the no-cough rule

Parents, beware! Did you know there is now a no-cough rule on all goods sold in Colorado? Yes, it's true! If your child (or you, I suppose) coughs on a piece of merchandise, you will be made to buy it, as they certainly couldn't re-sell such a ruined item. I didn't know about the rule, and mistakenly allowed Mae to play with a basket of little stuffed animals THAT WAS ON THE FLOOR BY THE ENTRANCE OF THE STORE. When she coughed on Cookie's nose, I was informed that I now had to buy the item. When I reacted with disbelief, I was then offered a full diatribe on how it was my responsibility to watch my children while in a store and not allow them to play with items in the store if I was not intending to buy them. Properly angered and embarrased, I not only stormed out of the store but ended up making off with a box of cookies that had been under my arm that I was intending to put back after seeing something else closer to the register! Oops!!! I didn't feel bad though. Not at all. Jerks.

*Paul says I should edit to say I am being sarcastic. There is no such rule in Colorado; just an idiot running a store.


LawSchoolMom said...

A 'no-cough' rule?! I never knew that. If we were made to adhere to that arbitrary rule, my children would have even more toys than they already have (and we'd never go to a toy store again!).

Anonymous said...

oh ellen, how upsetting. i've never heard of anything like that. we'd be so broke if they had that here. actually i wouldn't be taking the boys anywhere if that was the case.