Saturday, May 5, 2007

Parent Teacher Conferences

Some quotes from their end-of-the-year "Development" Reports:

Ted flies into the room ready to play!
Ted is 100% busy the entire time!
Ted is very self-directed.
He is focused and attentive in his activity-and thrives with structure.
He could sit for endless amounts of time listening to stories.
He is often a 'leader of the pack.' This role can be challenging for him as other children seek his approval and attention.
He so often refers to his 'heart being open.'
He is full of energy and wonder and loves the world of school.

Sam's report is less detailed, but they report that he is very verbal (ie can use his words and not just yell at his friends when he's mad) and independant. He is also described as having leadership qualities as all the caterpillars love to play with Sam and follow his lead in games and activities.

Now, I'm partly sharing these things because I love to shamelessly brag about my kids, but it's also a true relief to hear how far Ted has come. His conference in November was worrisome and it's wonderful to know that he has turned it around and getting it together. I've said it before but I love the JCC Preschool. The Jewish quotient aside, I love the teachers and their love and concern for my (annoying) children. They are wonderful and I'm so grateful that Ted had such top-notch teachers all 3 years. Now comes the start of the end...all the prep for graduation. Which of course is more for the parents than the teachers anyway! *sniff sniff!*

The pics are of both boys at the start of Caterpillars at age 2.5.

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