Thursday, June 7, 2007

bits and bobs

Yes, back to bullets. This has been a chaotic week!
  • The boys had their first Sunflower camp, Wed-Fri. They've come home filthy, tired and happy. I love the farm. Bren (the owner) reminded me that since Mae is potty-trained, she could do the last August session! They take 2 year olds. Hmm. I'll have to see if she could be in Sam's group. If so....that would be cool!
  • Our CSA pickup tonight was refreshingly diverse! (we've had a lot of lettuce!) We received spinach, turnips, garlic scapes, more lettuce, and bok choy. I have some excellent-sounding recipes for the turnips and the garlic scapes (something I'd never heard of! Just the tops of garlic before they're full matured, usually discarded but apparently delicious!) appear in simple sautees with a squirt of soy sauce. We've demolished the spinach already and I want to try a soup with the bok choy and leftover dried porcini mushrooms. Hooray!
  • Sam went on my walk with me tonight. He biked while I walked (and jogged) by his side. He did 4 miles and never complained. Read about it here.
  • My travel group (except for one family we will miss terribly) is starting to arrive from various parts of the US. This will be a very busy next couple of days, but so exciting! We have dinners planned for Fri-Sun and possible Denver activities next week. I can't wait to see everyone, especially those that didn't make it to the winter reunion (Sophia & Amber's families!) We will miss the Mikans so much! I hope that next year we can go there, to make sure to see them!
  • Today in TaeKwonDo, Ted surprised everyone with his total command of the "Shark" self-defense maneuver. He was firm, loud and exact in his movements and commands. Whoops from the peanut gallery (not just me!) confirmed his success. He was pretty proud.
  • Paul's birthday is Monday! He'll be 38 years young. Fun!

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Beth and Shayna said...

It sounds like you all will have a blast this weekend. If anyone is still in town, maybe you can join us at the zoo on Thursday. Oh, and happy birthday to Paul!

We hope we can see you soon, it has been forever.