Friday, June 8, 2007

another biking success

Yet again, I forgot my camera, thus the stock photo on the right. *sigh* Today after Farm Camp I took Jack home to play. After Sam & Mae napped, and Paul got home, I took the 3 boys to Wahoo's/Noodles for dinner, on our bikes. Sam rode on the tagalong, only because I didn't want to hoof it again like last night. All the boys did great biking, snarfed their food like champs, and biked home without complaining (til the very end, but even I walked up the last hill. Uphill with a 40lb kiddo on back is HARD for a wimp like me.) All in all, lots of fun. The tagalong is now officially attached to Paul's bike, although it rubs on the wheel sometimes so I'm not sure how to fix that. It didn't do that to my bike, so it may be that Paul's wheels are technically too tall for it, in which case we'll switch it and put the baby seat on Paul's. I can ride either bike and now can pick which child to transport. Tomorrow we go to Rob & Renee's around 4 to meet up with our travel group! Can't wait!

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