Monday, June 11, 2007


Figures. All but 2 families from our travel group are in town and Mae comes down with CROUP and has to stay home. Grrrr. She's been coughing at night for a few days now so I took her in. You'd think by the 3rd child I'd have this figured out, but no. I think all 3 kids have/had it, actually. I think Paul and I may have had it too! Our whole family started coughing almost 2 weeks ago, one by one. But it always cleared up after a while and there are no symptoms during the day, so... duh.

I spent Sunday morning walking 12 miles (read about it here) and the rest of the day at the Boulder Jewish Festival with Ted, while Mae & Sam napped. This week the boys have summer camp at the JCC (Sam's exiting Caterpillar/entering Butterfly class is aptly labeled "Chrysalis" for the summer. TOO cute.) Tonight is Paul's little birthday party at home. In case he checks the blog this afternoon, I'll save the details for later. Should be a fun and delicious evening.


Anonymous said...

Awww E, don't feel too bad - I still haven't figured it out either. hope Mae is feeling better.
Happy Birthday to Paul!! Hope you guys have a blast tonight! - T

Beth and Shayna said...

Oh, poor Mae. I hope she feels better soon. And I am glad to see Paul had a nice birthday. The cake looked yummy!