Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

Tonight was fun. We had Paul's favorite meal: black bean & corn tacos, with chips and hot salsa. I made up Rumba's famous Floriditas (equal parts Gold Rum, Cointreau & lime juice) and baked a rum cake, which Wendy decorated to look like a soccer ball. His Crocs (very manly, army green) and fancy drink glasses were a hit. I think it's been a good birthday. We love you, Paul! Check moeltini for more pics!


Trixie said...

The cake is amazing! We need instructions on how to make was the icing applied? How long did it take?


Ellen said...

Hee hee. I have a book called THE CAKE DOCTOR which has delicious, easy cake recipes. My friend Wendy took a cake decorating class, so she's the fancy one on that end. I did buy a soccer cake pan, which shows you the grooves to make the designs, but it's all in the icing and the tips, I think! She rocks! I think she used a star tip, and I bet it took her about 20 minutes to frost the soccer cake. Now, her son's Lightening McQueen cake took a LONG time! so cool though!