Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lotsa swimmin'

What a fun summer day today was! We started the day at Kylee's pool. It is beautiful and idyllic and perfect for a hot summer day. Ahhh....
Except for Sam's massive diarrhea attacks (luckily he got out of the pool in time, each time!), it was a blast.
At noon, we headed back to Boulder for the kids' back-to-back swim classes. Ted is in strokes again this summer (He was last summer too but rebelled in the Fall. Hopefully he'll be more mature this go-around!). After swimming we headed over to the Starbucks at 29th Street Mall, which has a nice outdoor play area adjacent to the store, complete with a Family (i.e. mini potty) Restroom. Ted and Alex played at Alex's kindergarten playground for a while this evening before Ted and I finally scored the essential sideboards for Mae's toddler bed. Paul says he'll put it together this weekend. Too exciting! Tomorrow Mae has her first summer PALs. Should be fun!

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