Friday, June 15, 2007

Rush! in NoBo

Today was a hot one, in the 90s. Mae stayed cool as a cucumber at PALs and had a blast, as usual. We went to a new (favorite) smoothie spot, Rush!, in North Boulder, across the street from 4580, a JCC parent-owned delicious restaurant. Rush! was formally called Xoom Juice, basically a healthier version of Jamba Juice. Because it was opened by a JCC family, Ted and I used to frequent it often back when he was a Caterpillar. It was good...but locations on The Hill are tough with kiddos/minivans. Now there is another location (re-named Rush!) in NoBo, and this one has some AMAZING things! I ordered a tropical bowl, which was different exotic fruits blended to perfection, served with hemp granola & agave on top. YUM. Amazingly delicious. I hope we go there again and again! Mae and Ariel split the "Goldilocks and the 3 Strawberries" smoothie.

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