Friday, July 20, 2007

best $15 I ever spent

Today it was in the upper 90's. Again. So after naps and a short visit with Kathye (hooray!) we went to the store to look for an electric air pump. Success. Less than an hour later, my 3 kids plus our neighbors', Oliver & Elise, were living it up, sliding down the slide into our little pool. Too fun. I got some video but can't upload it til Paul comes home with my computer. He arrived safely at Nancy's in NY, so he can relax and have some fun now! He'll be home Sunday night. Tomorrow morning my sitter is coming at 5:40am, so I can be at Wendy's by 6 for our *gulp* 18 mile walk. This is our longest one yet and I think she's going to want to hike. Oy. I am not a hiker, but I am game for anything. I really enjoy our long walks, both for the company and the time away from my demanding little monsters! Send us happy feet vibes, please!
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