Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I dedicate this post to the creator of Power Rangers. Ted has always loved Power Rangers. It was even his theme at his 4th Bday party. Tonight we had a playgroup for the familes of Kindergarten kiddos at the Chautauqua park. About 15 families came and about 6 of them were boys. These boys (and their little brothers) took off into 'the woods' brandishing sticks and played happily for 2 hours, til the wind really picked up and we all left. (The girls didn't really hang much...more proof that boys are simpler beings than girls...just find one thing in common and they're happy to play!) All of us parents confessed to being really nervous for our kids, and none of us could believe how easily the boys shifted from total strangers to buddies. "When's our next Kindergarten party?" Ted asked eagerly. Ted's new friends are Kai (who we knew from Gymboree at age 3-7 months), Tanish (from Kindermusik at age 2.5), Max (from SoccerTots) and Aiden. Boulder is a small, small world. At next month's playgroup we'll know who's in who's class-how exciting!

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