Monday, July 23, 2007


This pic is a week or so old, but I am so excited to see it! A while ago, Wendy gave Sam an egg and cheese bagel. He used to eat those when he was a toddler, but has rejected them for a few years now. He ate it up! And asked me to 'peeze make me anneggel, mama." Woo hoo! Getting the boys to eat eggs is close to impossible, so this is great. Mae will eat eggs in any form, eggel or no, but this is huge for Sam. Now, if Ted would just quit being Mr. Vegan, I could stop loading up on hummus and almond butter! It's almost laughable the amount of sandwiches he eats. Anyway, hooray for eggels!
And both Paul and Wendy think I should tell the sad tale of Mae's comment to Sam a few mornings ago. She's been sleeping in underwear for about 2 weeks now without any accidents; Sam still needs a Pull-Up (believe me, we've tried without and it's just useless...he is a DEEP sleeper.) So, Mae looked down at her underwear, pointed at Sam's Pull-Up, and said "Baby!" Sam burst into tears. Ted began trying to reason with him, saying that he can't help what he does when he's asleep and not to worry, etc. etc. Mae, loving the reaction, chortled with glee. Oy. Poor sweet Sammy.


Beth and Shayna said...

Yippee for Sam and his eggel! How cute and I love the picture. And poor little guy with Mae's comment. It was sweet of Ted to consule him, but it looks like Mae is going to give the boys a run for their money in just a few years.

Jennifer said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now. I found it through Beth's blog which I found through some other China adoption blogs before she went password protected. I love your stories...this one in particular. I'm with Beth on this sounds like Mae is going to give it to the boys. Your children are just beautiful.

Take care!

Beth...if you read old computer crashed and I lost the link and password info to your blog. I'd love to find you again if you don't mind emailing me your info. I have a blog up and going now too. My sister had her baby a week ago!! He is a doll. Check him out...both of you!