Tuesday, July 24, 2007

a FUN summer day

What a blast. We went to the pool this morning with Wendy and her gang, then I took the nappers home to sleep. After nap we all headed to Lakeside's KiddieLand (the ghetto version of Six Flags, at a beautiful cost of $6 per kid, for unlimited rides, ALL of which they could do.)
Sam talked about the motorcycle ride all day yesterday and when he finally went on that ride he just beamed. His favorite ended up being the roller coaster. I think he and the operator had a true friendship built up by the end...he just kept going on over and over. Mae screamed 95% of the time...it was just too noisy for her I think. Wendy somehow convinced her to ride a tame little horsey ride with Sam, which she actually liked, and rode again by herself later. Ted went on everything and genuinely liked it all. This place is perfect for little ones. I'm so glad to know about it. I think it will be on our summer schedule every year.

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Beth and Shayna said...

It looks like a ton of fun! And Mae and Shayna would do well together at an amusement park. Can you believe, Lakeside is where my parents used to go for dates? It is on the west side of town which used to be (and still is) the Jewish part of town (in a little area). Too funny!