Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Mae had a hard day today. Truth be told, she's had a few hard weeks now. She is very bossy and demanding with me, which usually lands her in time out or just in a fit on the floor. I timed her on Monday and she tantrumed for 45 minutes before falling asleep. She gets soaked with sweat during these fits. The one nice thing is that, when she is getting toward the end, she'll ask to "snuggle peeze, Mama" which is really good for her. She gets mad when I don't cater to her, basically. So, in an effort to not create a completely spoiled brat, I have to almost induce these fits myself. For example, this morning she dropped her fork. "Get it, Mama!" she commanded. "You can get it, Mae-Mae," I said cheerfully. "NO! MAMA GET IT!" she screamed, and it began. I am just so TIRED of this attitude. It would be so simple to just GET THE EFFING FORK! But, I have the whole "must raise a respectful child" thing going on. Now, Ted and Sam weren't this demanding and are STILL often rude beyond belief, so maybe I should just give up?!
Maybe this is the part of the Terrible Two's that will eventually pass.


Wendy said...

I think it's just a phase and you are doing great. Just today, Ariel had two fits at my house. One involved the kind where she screams and stamps her feet and the other she threw herself on the floor. And I don't even know what they were about. And I wasn't even watching Ariel today, she was at my house for 1/2 hour for pictures.

Beth and Shayna said...

I am so sorry sweetie. I just posted this same thing on one of my women yahoo adoptive boards tonight. Shayna had a meltdown at target and someone from the agency was even there and then she was hitting me. Maybe it is something in the air, stars, solar system? Hang in there, you are doing great!