Friday, July 27, 2007

School Supplies

Remember the excitement of Back-to-school? I used to pack and re-pack my bookbag ZILLIONS of times those last few weeks of summer. I loved the smell of new pink erasers, crisp new notebooks, picture-perfect crayons and assignment notebooks. Ted has had his sweet little 'toddler backpack' since Caterpillars, but a 'real' folder won't fit in it, so we need to upgrade to a real backpack for Kindergarten. Since I am both frugal and eco-conscious, I want this backpack to last a long time. His lunchbox/bag from has lasted 2 full school years. He'll be taking that to Kindergarten too. I ordered him this backpack from L.L.Bean. It's very similar to his toddler backpack which he has never complained about. If he wants Star Wars or Bionicles or whatever, Wendy told me that her friend Crissy's son personalizes his backpacks with 'tags' that are themed, so that sound fun to me! She also said there is some kind of Lego keychain thing, so I'll have to investigate that too.

We'll go school supply shopping sometime soon. K/1 has quite a long list. Nothing seems to be very individual, so I think K/1 share everything. He'll have to wait a few years for a 'pencil box.' And an assignment notebook.

2007-08 School Year
K/1 Supply List

2 box tissues
2 boxes markers, 1 wide point, 1 fine point
2 containers of white glue
2 boxes colored pencils, pre-sharpened so we may use right away!
6 gluesticks
1 pair scissors
1 box crayons, 16 box
4 rolls paper towels
Post-It notepad(s)
Set of watercolors
1 box of #2 pencils, with erasers
Optional: 1 or more items from the Wish List

Families with last names A- K
Pad of watercolor paper (size 8x10 1/2” or larger)
Quart size ziplock bags

Families with last names L-Z
1 container of NON-antibiotic hand soap
Bag of pillow stuffing
Gallon size ziplock bags

*Note: Kindergarten Families and First Graders new to Horizons
need to provide the following:
➢ Mini DV tape for digital video camera (SP 60 minutes)
➢ 3” white 3 ring binder notebook, featuring clear pockets on cover and spine for sliding in art and name label

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