Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Today I took the kids to the Farmer's Market. On Saturdays it is overwhelmingly crowded, so I tend to avoid it. The Market is open from 4-8 on Wednesdays. We got there about 4:15 and it was PACKED. Holy Cow. Next time I'll bring a stroller...partly for Mae and mostly to haul the food! I had decided to spend about $20, especially since our CSA Pickup is tomorrow. I spent $25. Not bad! I am going to cancel our Door to Door box til winter and take advantage of the Wednesday market. I am almost embarrassed at how little the vendors charge.

Corn, 5 HUGE ears for $2
1 lb tomatoes, $3
Cherry Jam, $5
Gnocchi, 1lb for $4
Abbo goodies: Red Chard, Collards, Green Beans & Basil, $11

Next week, without our box delivery, I can stand in the crazy long line for tree-ripened peaches, cherries, and the like. I think I'll buy another pound of pasta too, if for no other reason than to stand there listening to everyone speak Italian...I could listen to that all day long.

I had the exciting, Kingsolver-inspired idea to buy out the corn venders and shuck it myself. I also am going to ask at the CSA tomorrow if they have any black beans left. Black beans and corn are present in about 80% of my recipes, so if I ever want to try and adjust to more local eating, those would be 2 biggies. Nut butters, jams and bread are the others. I put a post on FreeCycle, looking for canning supplies and a dehydrator. Not the kind of thing I want to purchase, in case I wimp out of this, but something I'd love to try. My couch is up at FreeCycle too but so far not a lot of interest in it. I love the concept: I have something new...would you like my perfectly decent cast-off? You'd think with all the college students coming back, someone might want a beat-up but perfectly respectable couch?

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