Friday, August 17, 2007

Assessment Day (& garage sale!)

Today was somewhat epic. We left the house at 8:15am and drove to the ice cream store in the Baseline shopping center. This was going to be our destination after Ted's Kindergarten assessment, at 9:30. Biking the 3 blocks to Horizons took about 45 minutes and included two accidents, one for each boy. After cajoling, threatening and pleading, I finally got everyone to school, got Ted's cut cleaned up and a bandaid applied by Hope, the school nurse/secretary/everything lady. Oy. Then we sat outside Elizabeth's classroom til Ted's turn. He was VERY shy but warmed up some by the end. She first read him an Arthur book and they talked about Magic Treehouse (he brought his passport for her to see.) She asked him questions like, "If I was going to start reading, where would I start?" I assume he knew where the start was; I was too busy corralling Sam and Mae (both had a major meltdown during the brief 30min time.) She asked him to write his name, then they did letters, all of which he identified for her, even X, so that was cool. She asked him a few things like, "What word starts with this letter?" One cute one was when she said, holding up a Z, "What starts with Zoo? Oops!" Ted laughed and said, "Zebra!" Then they did some counting. Ted rocks at counting and made sure to organize all the counting animals by color for her. At one point she put 4 counting animals in front of him and said, "Close your eyes." He did and she took one away. "How many are left?" "Three." How many did I take away?" "One!" No problem.
Then we had to bike back to the ice cream store, which involved lots of yelling on my part to keep them from getting hit by cars. The ice cream store itself was a drama too, believe it or not! All the kids wanted 'birthday cake' ice cream, which is vanilla ice cream with sprinkles mixed in. Sam wanted no part of that and pitched a fit. *sigh* We got him vanilla. Then Mae had a fit, not sure why, and Ted was able to calm her with a cup of water. Her fit was LONG and even though we were outside, still merited lots of disapproving looks from others. After all that drama, we loaded up and went home, stopping by a garage sale on our street that had a 20" bike that looked promising. It was trashed though, but we did find a Rescue Heroes Aquatic Rescue Command Center, a ukulele and a baby doll Princess high chair. Everyone was psyched about that. We came home for naps and I am going to get to the napping right now. I'm exhausted.

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